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Area 51

29 April

Spent the day catching up with the nerds and the Monster Highs. Had to phone ahead to get the camouflage lifted for us to find the house but we got in with no problems.

It has been an interesting few weeks! And it looks like the nerds have had their fair share of fun. The presence of the men in black has dropped off – they haven’t seen the black choppers for over a week and there has been no sign of black suits for the last couple of days. There has still been no word of JudyZ and both me and The Monkey feel bad about that, we don’t need any more collateral damage.

The black hole is showing a vision of a desert, just as the nerds said, and apparently the Monster Highs have taken to stepping in and out of it! With the nerds watching they passed through the black hole, into the desert when it was night there and came back again. They took a GPS locator with them which the nerds have pinged, and the location came back as the Nevada desert in the good old US of A. They are very excited (again) as they believe that we have a door in the spare bedroom that leads into Area 51…

I asked the girls what they thought of the photos of Arno Whitaker and his history. They looked at each other and then reiterated that we must be very carful of how we deal with the grinning dick head – my words, not theirs. I got the impression that there was more to it than that but they wouldn’t be pressed into giving anything away so I guess I will just bide my time. They can be very cryptic (in all senses of the word), but like The Monkey said, they seem to have good reasons to keep somethings to themselves and they have never let us down yet.


30 April

The Monkey went out and did a recce today and it seems that the nerd’s house has been bugged but there doesn’t seem to be anyone spying on the road so we are thinking that the spooks may believe that any persons of interest have skipped the area. The Monster Highs are going to keep the cloaking thing in place just in case – it doesn’t seem to cause them any bother to do it so we might as well have it there for the time being. Apparently next doors dog has been having fits because he knows that the house should be there but keeps ‘losing’ it, he has almost lost his voice barking. The Monkey thinks it is very funny.

We need to work out why the black hole has started showing panoramic views of the Nevada desert. I talked the nerds through what the Mao Shan sorcerer had explained to me about the vortexes and they are very pleased with themselves because it matches up with their theory that it is a series of linked ‘tunnels’ through the space time continuum which line up when the master door is opened in the monkey temple. That sounds about right, and it looks like we might be up for another trip although the thought of stepping into something we have been calling ‘the black hole’ does put the shits up me a bit. The Monkey is questioning my sexuality and saying that the Monster Highs were fine when they went for a look around through the black hole, but I have pointed out that they are not technically fully alive anyway. He just makes chicken noises and says I am splitting hairs – bastard! But we are both agreed that we can’t go anywhere ‘serious’ until my gunshot wound is more fully healed, should be another week or so. In the meantime, The Monkey may go and have a little look around to see what we will be walking into and continue to take the piss out of me at every chance. Yeah, you need look at me over your JD with your cigar stuck in your mouth – fucker…


1 May

Lovey sunny day today (obviously not as hot as Cambodia – but hey, don’t knock it!).

Dave has managed to grow an acceptable beard over the last couple of weeks, so with the addition of a hat and some shades he has been camouflaged enough to come out with the rest of us. All except the Monster Highs that is, they don’t really do sun.

We took a drive past the airbase but there was no sign of black Range Rovers or black helicopters, so we swung back to the beach, or more accurately, the pub on the beach. Great to be sitting outside not smothered in 100% Deet and nice to taste a Rattler again. Ah, simple pleasures. After a couple we had a game of footie on the beach that degenerated into some sort of medieval ball game. I had to sit out after a bit so I didn’t open up my wound, but it was funny as fuck watching the others charge about like complete idiots.

Had some grub and a couple more pints then Tony, who had drawn the short straw as designated driver, drove us back to the house and now we are sitting in the beer garden of the local and Tony is playing catch-up. When it is dark enough for the Monster Highs to remain pale and interesting, they are going to join us and we may just get a taxi into town and see what trouble we can get into…


2 May

Found a lap dancing club last night and the Monster Highs put on a show – disturbing…

Finally got round to asking The Monkey what he had talked to the monk about. He said that they had talked about the nature of reality and the paths that we all must follow in life. I told him that it was pretty much what the sorcerer had talked to me about although I hadn’t been told I had the potential to be the destroyer of worlds. But the monk had told him that all creatures will follow their nature regardless so what will be, will be – so that’s alright then? I asked if the monk had mentioned getting the lolly stick stars and he said that as soon as the monk had started releasing the monkeys from the research facility he had known that the soul of the American soldier had been in The Monkey. He said that he recognised the man who had given him the bundle of sticks in the Cambodian jungle when he was a child, that was why he kept The Monkey and gave him to the seaman along with the sticks. I asked if he had thought about finding out who the soldier had been, and he just shrugged and said that there were other things more important to sort out at the moment, although I did catch him staring long and hard at the jungle group photo featuring the soldier.

The Monkey thinks the journal is played out, so he is putting that on one side for the moment. Now we have to decide what we are going to do when we get into Area 51, if that’s where the black hole leads. Doing research on one of the most secure places on the planet is difficult. There does seem to be a consensus that it is ringed with cameras and motion sensors, and that if you stray in there you get shot. All reassuring. And then there is the stuff about alien autopsies and crashed space craft. Well, at least it’s close to Vegas…


3 May

We have sat in the sun today and drunk beer (of course) while looking at countless pages of stuff on the internet about Area 51. Pages and pages of so called ‘insider information’, pages and pages of conspiracy theories, pages and pages of de bunking of said theories. YouTube videos that range from the well-constructed to the fucking mental. Hundreds of sane/bonkers/scientific/radical/hysterical arguments. But to be honest none of them are a patch on the story of a burning monkey god in the jungles of South East Asia…

This, I think, is going to be like pulling teeth, but at least the nerds are having a lovely time…


4 May

The nerds have picked up some odd activity on their computers. It seems to be the same sort of thing as when they went looking at the classified military files. They have set up all sorts of re-routing thingies and dead ends and firewalls and all that other shit that computer geeks talk about and they were pretty sure they had gotten themselves hidden but then the little tracking signs started to show up again. The Monster Highs took it upon themselves to sort it out – they sat at a laptop and put their hands on the keyboard and the screen went a pearly white for a few seconds and then came back to normal. Tony asked them what they had done and as they headed back to the darkened bedroom, they answered ‘Someone somewhere is screaming.’

That’s not the only activity the nerds have picked up. There has been movement in the desert that has been picked up by the tech that they got the Monster Highs to drop off there – seems to be a few days old but they hadn’t noticed in the general fun of us being back. Vehicles have patrolled the area without finding anything and the nerds are wondering if there are movement sensors close enough to have picked up the sightseeing trips.

We are now watching American Dad – The Monkey is fascinated by Roger…


5 May

The nerd’s computer problem seems to have gone away, I don’t know what the Monster Highs did but it seems to have done the trick…

Something had been bothering me about the disappearance of JudyZ and the business with the men in black. 1. Why, if they found JudyZ did they not trace the messages that the nerds had been sending to her? 2. If they followed Dave why have they not traced the nerd’s identity through their vehicle and the house up the road? When we all sat down in the pub at lunch time I decided to ask them and the answers were quite surprising. It seems that they are clever little buggers when it comes to hiding their identities. The programming work they do to earn money is all paid into an offshore account and then routed through a couple of different accounts in assumed names. Their email messages are bounced around multiple servers and go through encryption and coding so that they can’t be traced or read by anyone who doesn’t know how, and apparently they self-scramble after they have been read so that no one at all can access them. The house up the road is rented in another assumed identity and paid for through yet another account that cannot be traced back to a real person. Their vehicles are, again, registered to false identities and they have a tendency to swap number plates for some phantom ones if they have to go anywhere they might need double anonymity (Dave had done this on his trip to Reading). Dave had also ditched the car on the other side of the village and switched the plates again and he thinks that the only reason that their house was compromised was that his ‘tail’ must have had a back-up who drove past the house as he was going in. Although their house was bugged (which The Monkey has taken care of) we believe that whoever these men in black types are they are going on guess work, and with the juju that the Monster Highs have been spreading around it must have caused a massive amount of confusion amongst them.

It seems that even before they were at Uni the nerds had decided to make themselves non people and they set about erasing their identities in the way that only idealistic and intelligent youth have the knowhow and stamina to do. They had smug little smiles on their faces by the time they had finished telling us and even The Monkey was forced to admit a new respect for them. Although not for their drinking…

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