Me and the monkey

Andy Darby

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Me and the Monkey

Diary of events

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Table of Contents

Bat out of Hell

13 May The Monster Highs disappeared last night. They were back again this morning, slipping silently into the bedroom. I am guessing that they needed

Charlie don’t surf

6 May What a beautiful day. We all hit the beach, except for the Monster Highs, and surfing was attempted. I had to sit this

Area 51

29 April Spent the day catching up with the nerds and the Monster Highs. Had to phone ahead to get the camouflage lifted for us

Don’t talk to strangers

22 April Hambone is dead. Sniper round through the head as he sat on his balcony last night.  The Green and Red Society contacted us

I love the smell of napalm

8 April Hello, this is Tony – the nerd. Here is the update we got texted from the satellite phone earlier. Crazy shit!! Woke up

Snake eaters!

1 April Ohhh, headache… Ended up in the ornamental pool outside the hotel at 3 am. Very surprised we didn’t get arrested. We are now

Euler’s Identity

25 March Did a little better this morning and only set off two flash bangs the whole time we were out – The Monkey says