Me and the monkey

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Me and the Monkey

Diary of events

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Table of Contents

She who is death

21 October Everything is collapsing. The Green and Red Society has imploded, there have been assassinations. There is confusion as to whether it has anything

Into the cauldron

15 October A chamber, in the side of the volcano. A bubble in the cooled lava, an obsidian globe, and in the centre a giant


8 October Today we attended the burial of Dave the Nerd, a top bloke and a brave one who died for something he barely understood

Winter draws on…

1 October Long did the well of the sky grow black, Until the Bifröst bridge did appear. And into the shining void we strode to

Basking in the glow…

17 September We have had to leave the house and move into the Nerds’ because the overall sensation in the house is overwhelming. Everyone is

Ghost in the machine

3 September Just when you think things are weird, they get a little stranger… It wasn’t hard to find an entrance to the underground tunnels