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Tally Ho!

27 August

Seems that the coordinates are correct. The Nerds are looking at satellite imagery and old maps of the area, there has to be something that we are missing if the message definitely came from those coordinates. There was a captain at the airbase who we met some time ago, mad as a barrel of frogs on speed but we got on really well with him – there’s a surprise, and I reckon we can track him down and see if he has any info on the base.

30 August

Was my birthday yesterday and we got absolutely fucking battered. Woke up in a field with a whole bunch of other people – a lot of them naked – and the remains of a giant bonfire. To be honest me and The Monkey had been on it from the previous evening and I don’t remember much of yesterday at all. The Nerds bailed at some point and the girls joined us again when the sun went down. The Monkey got me a new Glock 17 Gen 4 pistol as a present and that was tucked into my belt when I woke up. The girls reckon I emptied a couple of clips in celebratory gunfire last night – I hope that didn’t end badly for anyone…

The Nerds spent today recovering and doing a bit more research, they also put in a call to Captain Bartholomew Tempest-Stewart (Barty to his friends) and he has agreed to meet us tomorrow for a little chat about the old base…

31 August

Barty is the ultimate RAF cliché. He is tall and gangly, has the best handlebar moustache I have ever seen, smokes a pipe, drinks gin constantly (when he’s not drinking tea) and is completely bonkers.

We met at Fistral beach bar and sat outside on the terrace under the sun. This gave Barty and The Monkey the opportunity to spark up their respective smokes and see how much fog they could create. We got Barty a very large Bombay and tonic and started on the Rattler ourselves while we asked him some questions.

He was very forthcoming and doesn’t have any problem discussing the base. Seems that it was the home of Britain’s airborne nuclear deterrent after the missiles left Greenham Common. There are hardened concrete bunkers and underground hangars dotted all over the base and also a warren of tunnels and other nuclear proof storage, admin and living quarters down there. He admitted that there is still some military activity, mostly training, going on there but said that the majority of the installation is shut down. Although he did qualify that by saying that there is a communications hub operating there shared with the US military. We asked if there had been much coming and going of black helicopters of late and he said that after the mad frenzy of a couple of months back it had all gone very quiet. I asked if any prisoners had been held there and Barty got a bit thoughtful. He admitted that renditions had taken place from there in the past and he wasn’t very happy about all that, ‘Not cricket, old boy.’ He never had much to do with the Yanks and the spooks who dealt with all that side of things and said that a whole section of the underground base was given over to that sort of stuff. The Monkey asked if there were any unwilling guests at the base at the moment but Barty thought that was highly unlikely.

So, we spent the rest of the afternoon boozing and exchanging stories. Some of Barty’s exploits during the first Gulf War even made The Monkey blow cider out of his nose! It’s funny but we trust Barty, he is old school and a proper mad warrior. We even told him some of our Cambodia/Vietnam story and we all raised a glass to Hambone…

1 September

We are now getting ready to take a look at the base tonight. The Monster Highs are going to whip up some bad ass voodoo fog for us all to sneak in under and we have all spent the afternoon cleaning our weapons (no – it’s not a euphemism). Seems The Monkey got himself a new toy when he bought my birthday present and tonight he will mostly be packing a SIG-Sauer P226 alongside his war hammer. I think it is a bit big for him – he thinks I should fuck off…

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