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The Glowing Eyes

18 March

The Monkey is so bored! He really can’t wait to go, and the thought of two more weeks is driving him insane. I told him to go and do some more research on the internet to give us some info on where we are going but he says he doesn’t want to read anymore he just wants to get in amongst it. I have been trying to do some work but it’s hard to concentrate when you keep getting shot by paint balls or air soft pellets and the bruises were beginning to mount up. In the end I suggested that The Monkey show me how to throw a knife and he warmed to that idea pretty quickly. I didn’t realise how dangerous rebounds can be and after getting one stick in the top of my foot I wished I had stuck to the paint balls but The Monkey thought it was great fun and told me I would try harder next time.
Well, I’m not sure I tried harder, but it turned into a game of lethal hop scotch and eventually I started to get them to stick in the target more or less where I was aiming.
That killed a few hours and now, cigar in mouth and Jack in hand The Monkey has gone upstairs to persecute the nerds. Maybe I can finish this work…
19 March

Today we reassembled the stars. The nerds wanted to do an experiment with them and the black hole. Holy fuck…
One star on either side of the black hole caused it to bulge outwards as if it was prolapsing. Lightning crackled around its event horizon and we began to see things within the darkness as if looking at a black mirror that was reflecting something that wasn’t there. Impossibly tall mountains and clouds of fire and gigantic spikes of what looked like stained glass and things that I can’t even put a name to. The Monkey sat fascinated staring into the void until eventually something massive and formless came rushing towards us. At that point the nerd’s bottle finally went and they ran out of the room taking the stars with them. The black hole collapsed back in on itself with a sound like a massive crack of thunder and a blast wave propelled me and The Monkey into the far wall. It must have been a few minutes before we came round and found ourselves out on the landing where the nerds had dragged us. They had dismantled the stars again and were gibbering about screaming coming from the Monkey’s room. We went in and there was no noise but immediately we all saw that the eyes on the monkey pendant, which hangs above his bed, were glowing like miniature suns.
We are all siting in the living room now having a debrief to try and make sense of what we saw. It seems we all saw similar things but depending on where we were in the room we all saw something slightly different as if we were looking through a series of prisms. The Jack is out and there are some frayed nerves that need calming. The Monkey is rolling a massive spliff ‘to take the edge off things’. Ah well…
20 March

Bad dreams last night… Dark, dark jungle. Overwhelming insect buzz. The burning eyes of the monkey pendant. A strange, plastic faced (that is the only way I can describe him), grinning figure in a grey suit. And lots of explosions. The Monkey had similar dreams except his were full of blood.

When we spoke to the nerds their dreams featured visions of the black hole and something trying to get out of it, but they all saw the grinning, grey suited figure. They have decided to take the day off from research and get their heads straight – they look pretty spooked.

The monkey pendant is still blazing away like a bastard and I have no idea where this is going to lead now so I am going to get drunk with The Monkey and hope that I don’t dream tonight…
21 March

The Monkey is back into his books today. Possibly a bit of a backlash from the last couple of days but he has been calmer and more thoughtful. On his reading list today has been the Lonely Planet Guide to Cambodia, several books on Cambodian temple sites, Knife Fighting and Knife Throwing for Combat. He also appears to be trying to grow a moustache!? Is that even possible? I am not sure…
We talked about the possibility of tracing this ‘Snakebite’ dickhead who hacked us but Dave reckons that it would be almost impossible as The Monkey was talking to him via a Tor browser that routes through different locations all over the globe. ‘Almost impossible?’ unless you are part of the military-industrial complex apparently. Dave quoted cases proving that the CIA, NSA, GCHQ et al is indeed watching the dark web and is using it for its own covert purposes. So, the nerds are back at work in the spare room, but more cautious and subdued. They are talking about working out a way of locking the black hole so that nothing can get through – some sort of trans dimensional kids stair gate. Not sure how that’s going to pan out, but it should keep them occupied and at least they aren’t so freaked that they didn’t want to come back. They still had bad dreams last night although me and The Monkey drank ourselves into oblivion and if I dreamt I don’t remember it…
24 March

Still another week to go before we fly, and The Monkey has had us in the woods again shooting at stuff. This time the stuff was army style human targets like you see on all the best cop shows and military shooting ranges. He had set them up at different locations throughout the woods and the object was to make our way through the area shooting the targets as we went. Great fun! But there was a twist. The Monkey had hidden flash bangs on the ground and when I asked him why, he said that as we were going off the beaten track we would also have to look out for mines left over from the wars. This was news to me. So, we sat on a tree stump and had a long conversation about landmines and booby traps as much as forty years old that could be lying in wait for us as we go temple hunting. The Monkey’s mentality is that as long as you look where you’re walking you will be okay. Okay… In the first twenty minutes of our stroll through the woods I detonated seven flash bangs. You’ll get better he said – I’d fucking better…

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